The Practitioner and Action Research and Creative Methods Hub Dialogue & CARN Study Day

Tuesday 12 March 2019 09.30-16.30 Room B105, Blencathra Building, Fusehill Street Campus, University of Cumbria, Carlisle CA1 2HH

This day will provide an opportunity for researchers from practice and academia to step out of the daily routine and gain insight and energy from one another.

09.30 Introductions

10.00 What characterises practitioner research and why do we do it?

12.00 What characterises action research and why do we do it?

14.00 What characterises creative methods and why do we use them?

16.00 Who are we as a community? What do we bring and what do we want support with?

The day will feature a dialogic and creative approach to promote a co-construction of the terrain of the Hub. We will literally build the ‘big tent’ of practitioner and action research.