Panel Presenters

Eunsook Hong

Eunsook Hong is Professor Emerita of Educational Psychology at the University of Nevada, U.S.A. Her research areas include motivation, metacognition, and creative thinking. She has been editorial board member for several academic Journals throughout her academic career, including an associate editor of American Educational Research Journal. She utilizes her professional experiences, expertise, and aspirations in improving educational and social services through Social Publishers Foundation by assisting and mentoring practitioner researchers who wish to publish the knowledge they have gained through their research in their work settings. Realizing and acknowledging the need for greater input of new knowledge and practice wisdom from practitioners, co-founding the Social Publishers Foundation and helping it move forward has become a significant development in her professional and life journey.

Kaz Stuart

Kaz is Associate Professor of child, adolescent and family studies and a principal lecturer at the University of Cumbria. Kaz leads the PAR and CM Hub for the Learning Education and Development Research Centre. Kaz’s research interests lie in empowerment and agency, asset-balanced practice, socially just research methods, and scholar and community activism. Kaz is currently involved in European research on why students leave school, further and higher education and is keen to affect educational change from the findings of this three year action research project.